Fire Fighting Equipment

MORX manufactures and supply a wide range of fire fighting equipment:

    • Fire Cabinet System complete with fire hose and hose reel.

    • Wet and Dry Hydrants

    • Mobile Foam Units "Foam Cart"

    • Foam Fire Cabinets

    • Portable and Wheeled Extinguishers

Water systems

MORX manufactures and supply a wide range of water systems for all application, providing full hydraulic calculations in order to achieve the right design by making the most economical use of available water sources. Among the systems there are:

    • Water Spray System

    • Water Deluge System

    • Water Mist System

    • Wet pipe Sprinkler System

    • Dry pipe Sprinkler System

    • Preaction System

Foam Systems

MORX product line of foam systems ensure a rapid, effective and economical response to fire and spills.

Foam Systems can be produced by portable mobile units, fixed installations and vehicles as well.

Tailored to customer needs and applications specification, our engineered systems include but not limited to:

    • Bladder Tanks

    • Pre-Mixed Foam System

    • Pump-Type Balanced -Pressure

    • In-Line Proportioning Systems

    • Twin-Agent Trailers

    • Foam Makers and Foam Chambers

MFF systems can work with any kind of foam concentrates like:

    • Protein Foam (P)

    • Fluoroprotein Foam (FP)

    • Fluoroprotein Film Forming Foam (FFFP)

    • Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF)

    • Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AR-AFFF)

    • High, Medium and Low Expansion Foam

Clean Agent Suppression Systems

Clean agent suppression systems systems are mainly designed and installed to protect irreplaceable assets and occupied areas.

Clean agents can be HFC227ea (FM200), FK 5-1-12 (NOVEC) AND INERT gases, all are ideal for protecting servers, artwork, public libraries, archives and more...

MORX offers clean agent system that provides the following:

  • Total flood fire protection solution

  • Little to no cleanup required, allowing operations to quickly return to normal

  • Safe to People as approved by the US environmental protection agency

  • Fast acting suppression as little as 10 seconds